Server systems

Server systems

Computech builds integrated computing platforms based on open systems – a sound foundation for complex ICT environments.

Computech builds complex computing platforms using Oracle CorporationCisco Systems and Hitachi Vantara hardware and software. 
The company is proud of its role in buildout of internet infrastructure in Croatia. First Croatian internet services were realized using Sun servers with Solaris operating systems installed, commisioned and maintained by Computech.
Today, Computech delivers complex redundant systems for:
Storage systems

Storage systems

Data storage economics? Quick retreival of information from the stored data? Computech offers logical answers.

Data storage systems are a must-have component of contemporary IT infrastructure. Computech builds solutions for on-line storage and data archival using HW/SW from Hitachi Vantara.
Safe storage and swift availability of data are the most prominent properties of every ICT system. This is why Computech decided to use Hitachi Vantara products as a reliable foundation for building a safe, cost-effective and flexible data storage system.
Computech has considerable experience in design, commisioning and maintenance of:
  • virtualized data storage systems
  • business continuity solutions
  • data archiving


Computech has extensive experience in planning, design, implementation and maintenance of networks, together with partners Cisco Systems , Transition Networks , ZTE .

Cooperating with Cisco Systems from its foundation and being the first Cisco partner locally, the company is  proud to point out the first Cisco-based communication systems in Croatia were designed, implemented and maintained by Computech!
Today, Computech designs, implements and maintains some of the largest networking systems in telco, public media and oil industry sectors in Croatia.
Working with Cisco for many years, Computech accumulated valueable experience, in the areas of:
  • routing & switching
  • wireless LAN communications
  • data, voice & video networks
  • network security & VPNs
  • optical networks
  • network management


Computech’s software offering encompasses all essential areas of ICT infrastructure.

Computech sells, installs and integrates in complex IT systems a broad range of software products from:


End users

A1 Hrvatska d.o.o.
Agencija za komercijalnu djelatnost d.o.o.
Agencija za podršku informacijskim sustavima i informacijskim tehnologijama d.o.o.
Brodograđevna industrija Split d.d.
CARNet Hrvatska akademska i istraživačka mreža
Centar za restrukturiranje i prodaju
Croatia banka d.d.
Državni hidrometeorološki zavod
Erste & Steiermärkische Bank d.d., Rijeka
Erste Group IT HR d.o.o.
Financijska agencija
Franck d.d.
HBOR Hrvatska banka za obnovu i razvitak
Hrvatska kontrola zračne plovidbe d.o.o.
Hrvatska narodna banka
Hrvatska poštanska banka d.d.
Hrvatska radiotelevizija
Hrvatske autoceste d.o.o.
Hrvatski Telekom d.d.
Hrvatski zavod za zapošljavanje
Hrvatski zavod za zdravstveno osiguranje
INA - Industrija nafte d.d.
Institut Ruđer Bošković
Kraš prehrambena industrija d.d.
Međunarodna zračna luka Zagreb d.d.
Odašiljači i veze d.o.o.
OT - Optima Telekom d.d.
OTP banka d.d.
Republika Hrvatska
Ministarstvo mora, prometa i infrastrukture
Republika Hrvatska Ministarstvo prostornog uređenja, graditeljstva i državne imovine
Republika Hrvatska
Ministarstvo vanjskih i europskih poslova
Reversing Labs d.o.o.
RTL Hrvatska d.o.o.
Sberbank d.d.
Splitska banka d.d.
Središnje klirinško depozitarno društvo d.d.
Sveučilišni računski centar
Sveučilište Jurja Dobrile u Puli
Sveučilište u Dubrovniku
Uljanik d.d.
Zagrebačka banka d.d.


Users - system integrators

Combis d.o.o.
Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d.
IBM Hrvatska d.o.o.
IN2 d.o.o.
King ICT d.o.o.
Multicom d.o.o.
Neos d.o.o.
Nokia Solutions and Networks d.o.o.
S&T Hrvatska d.o.o.
Selectium d.o.o.
Smart AudioVisual d.o.o.
Smart Net d.o.o.
Smart Sense d.o.o.
Storm Computers d.o.o.


Computech was founded in 1991. Today, with 18 employees, Computech is leading Croatian ICT solution provider. The company delivers its solutions using software and hardware from the world’s most prominent manufacturers.

Computech designs, procures, installs and maintains complex ICT infrastructure systems:

• Networking systems for data, video and voice communications
• Open computing-based IT systems
• Data storage systems
• Monitoring and maintenance of complex ICT systems

As a technology provider, systems integrator and solution provider, Computech is the right choice for application system integrators and all organizations who wish to focus on their core expertise.

In day-to-day work, Computech pays close attention to the quality of products and services – sealed with the ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

61015_pepsi[1]Taking care of environment protection is integral to Computech’s approach to design, implementation and maintenance of ICT systems. Document Environmental Protection Policy.



Computech pays great attention to development of its own services, using standard and widely available tools, tuned to customer’s specific needs.

Computech offers wide range of services to customers:
  • design & consultation services for complex ICT systems
  • installation & commisioning of server, storage and communication systems
  • proactive service & support of server, storage and communication systems